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ZUMBA dancing Women with Instructor

The gym is situated on one level of the centre and comprises of a fully equipped modern gym, over 60 keep fit classes, a GP Exercise Referral scheme, health suite and activities for all ages and abilities.

Facilities include:

  • Gym with 70 pieces of equipment, including over 45 pieces of cardiovascular equipment
  • Sauna, steam rooms and spa pool
  • Spinning Studio
  • Fitness Studio
  • Health & Fitness Changing Rooms

All users should make themselves aware of the the Health Commitment Statement. Copies are also available from Reception.

Tickets should be collected from Reception prior to any activities. Audio packs and towels are avaliable for hire.

The Gym is one of the largest in Guernsey and is fitted with state of the art fitness equipment, resistance machines, free weights and cardiac machines. The new 'Core Zone' room can be used for Personal Training with Kettlebells, or to work your abdominal's/core/stretch.

10 flat screen TV's and an audio backpack system allow you to keep up to date with news and programmes whilst working out.

Fully qualified and experienced instructors are on hand to offer advice and guidance or can be booked for Programmes/Personal Training.

We have great facilities for those who may be on Guernsey's Exercise Referral scheme which is a 10 week programme of gentle exercise and is suitable for people with a variety of medical conditions including asthma, arthritis, diabetes and those who have completed Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation.  It is also suitable for people who are overweight, stressed, depressed or generally unfit.

The Gym is open from 6.30am - 10pm Monday to Thursday, 6.30am-8pm on Fridays, 7.30am to 7.30pm on Weekends. Prior to use of the Gym, an Induction session or Programme must be completed. Minimum age is 14yrs.

Classes and courses for all ages and abilities are held throughout the week. Classes are held in the Gym or in the Fitness Studio. Telephone Lucy Smart on 747213 for more information.

The Health Suite is open from 8am - 9pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am-7pm Friday to Sunday. Minimum age is 8yrs. Those aged 8-15yrs must be accompanied by an adult over 18yrs. Free swim included if the pool is open to the public.

For more information about Health and Fitness and the gym, please telephone (01481) 747213.

Weekly classes


High energy interval training class that combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises.


Yoga based class that will improve your mind, body and soul. Strengthen your entire body and leave feeling calm and centred.

Body Conditioning

All-round workout for all parts of your body, combining high energy and high impact exercises, aerobics and toning in one class.

Body Focus

Strengthen and tone your whole body, especially your core muscles, in this non-impact conditioning class.


The full-body weights workout allowing you to burn fat and condition muscles.


Full body workout that includes a mix of strength, cardio and core training.

Belly Dancing

A low impact class to help improve posture, suppleness and general health.


A challenging workout designed to improve your cardio-vascular fitness and body shape by using a variety of equipment.

Chair Based Class

A gentle 'chair based class' to improve flexibility, strength and mobility.

Circuit Training

An all ability class designed to increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, set to timing using a variety of equipment.

Gentle Exercise

Improve your health, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility with this enjoyable, effective workout that includes warm-up, low-impact aerobics, core work, strength and balance exercises, and an enhanced stretch cool down.


High intensity workout on studio bikes set to music.


Low impact choreographed routine on an adjustable platform.

Step Blast

Intense half hour class to give your whole body a great workout in a short amount of time.


A training class utilising body weight and gravity.

Very Gentle Exercise

Exercise and movement to improve your health, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility in a very low impact session.


Improve your flexibility and strength and body awareness.

Seasonal Classes


An outdoor based interval and strength training class designed to push your body and increase your fitness levels.


Improve your leg strength, stamina and flexibility in this workout run during the winter months.


Minimum age for classes is 14 years.

The management reserve the right to amend or withdraw classes or change the instructor if necessary.

Booking is recommended for all classes on (01481) 747200.